Memorial Day Weekend Booze News

7f54d8_59bdcc1bf32dfd4fbee7e0f983fb45beWELCOME A.J. PRICE!!!

What is an A.J.? A.J. is our new beer buyer! He is incredibly knowledgeable and well versed in beer. Beer is his life. I once went to his apartment, and there was definitely way more beer than furniture! So say hello, pick his brain, and I am certain you will be rewarded.


FRIDAY WINE 4:00-6:00

ELK COVE PINOT BLANC: Pinot Blanc remains a mostly forgotten white, but that is a shame, because they are consistently good! This wine will stand up to your BBQ without being too heavy.

HYATT RIESLING: Riesling remains criminally underrated because of all the terrible ones out there. In reality, it is an excellent food wine!

Bogle-14-OVZ.-Hi-ResBOGLE OLD VINE ZIN: Throw the steaks on the grill and pour yourself one of the best value reds in the world. This has been the hit of many weddings and parties for a good reason.

J LOHR PETITE SIRAH: Paso Robles remains an excellent wine growing region that rarely gets the notice it deserves, but that is good for you! It means you get to buy well made wines from there and half the Napa price!


We are very excited to welcome Rob from Redemption and he will be pouring three excellent whiskeys! These are all at great price points! Many of you already have a bottle of one of them in your home, but EVERYONE needs to try all three of these excellent whiskeys. They were a go to for me back in California but were not available here until this year! I am so pleased to have them in the store and think they are almost impossible to beat when you factor in price plus quality.


BLACKWOODS GIN: This gin from Scotland has been a life saver. It has put out three potential heat strokes in the most delightful way!

THE SINGLETON 12: I have really been enjoying this well priced, easy drinking Scotch. I like having a Scotch I can drink during the summer time.

HOLY CITY PORTER: I love this brewery and I love this beer!

GREENMAN ESB: I always buy this beer for other people and end up drinking it myself.

17256_cc5bf369b7a41a2c2ea1fe6043a175adOLD FAVORITES PART TWO

Since we didn’t get any new arrivals I felt like it was time for another round of forgotten favorites.

DON FELIX REPOSADO: This is a beautiful sipping tequila that really demonstrates how much flavor Reposado brings to the table!

1133745xMARIE DUFFAU: No need to buy Cognac every time when there are all kinds of awesome Armagnac’s out there like this one!

HENRY MCKENNA 10: This is one of those bourbons that when I see it at a bar, I know that I am at quality place!

BLUE COAT GIN: This is a very well made and flexible gin that can make an excellent martini and a good gin and tonic!

DIPLOMATICO RUM RESERVA EXCLUSIVA: This is one of the smoothest sipping rums out there. It is a big vanilla bomb, and a fun drinker!



This is one of my favorite warm weather drinks. Simple and delicious!

2 oz of Cucumber vodka or a cucumber gin (prairie, iceberg, uncle vals restorative, Hendricks)

4 oz of Fever Tree Elderflower Tonic

Garnish with lime