Southern Spirits Has Everything You Need for Mother’s Day!

sv-bt-roseFRIDAY WINE TASTING 4:00-6:00

SEGURA ROSE: How about a Spanish sparkling wine for Mothers day brunch?

FERRARI CARANO TRE TERRE: Martha is very excited about the deal we got on this big Russian River Chardonnay!

ELK COVE: How about an Oregon Pinot Noir for Mothers day brunch?

DONATI CLARET: One of the best red wines under twenty bucks!

KEITH’S CABINET: What Keith’s drinking this week

DEEP BLUE VODKA: I think this is the smoothest vodka in the store, and it is at such an affordable price for the quality you are getting!

27859_hrFORTALEZA TEQUILA: I got to revisit all three of these at the tasting I went to. I have to say that this time around I came away most impressed with the Blanco, because it is just so smooth but still so flavorful!

OLD MEDLEY 12: Man I love this bourbon! This is in my current top five.

1776 James E Pepper: This bourbon has a big full body with a long spicy finish. The rye is also quite good.

DEVIANT DALES: That is right! After a too long absence this fantastic beer has made a triumphant return. It is such lovely beer, big malt and big hops dueling in every wonderful can! Supplies limited grab one today!

cq5dam.web.1280.1280MOTHERS DAY!: Please don’t be shy, we will be happy to help you find something awesome for your mother or wife! Our experts are standing by. Gift recommendations are one of my favorite things to do here.


We have decided to continue our awesome deal on Peligroso Reposado and Anejo for the whole month! So stock up.



So lets take at some awesome bottles that are unfairly collecting dust!

FORTY CREEK: This overlooked gem is one of the BEST BUYS in whiskey! Made by Canada’s best distillery they should be killing Crown Royal every week and yet it sits there, languishing on the shelf like poor Jan 1168235xBrady.

MEDLEY BROTHERS: While each week people have conniption fits about the absence of Buffalo Trace this well priced and delicious bourbon just sits there with its admittedly silly label, collecting dust.

209 GIN: One of the best gin’s in the known universe! When you get tired of the awesomeness of St. George or the Cucumber of Hendricks, try this fantastic gin!

RON CARTAVIO 12: Okay, so no one ever got tired of drinking El Dorado, but variety is the spice of life and this wonderful rum is not getting the love it so richly deserves.

OLD PULTNEY NAVIGATOR: While Old Pultney 12 has become our number one selling single malt, its big brother is being unfairly ignored.