Keith’s Liquor Picks for April!

La Cuesta Rojo:  Want to spice up your Manhattan, this is the perfect vermouth to do so.
Pavan:  This delicious French liqueur is a great mixer that will help you reinvent classic drinks, or allow you to create new ones.  When your St. Germain runs out grab one of these instead.
Revolucion Tequila:  This awesome set of tequila has been marked way down and is now a total steal!
GIFFARD:  Speaking of fun things to add to cocktails!  Have you tried Giffard?  They come in a variety of excellent flavors my favorite of which is Red Grapefruit, but they do a great job across the board.
WATHENS SINGLE BARREL:  From one of the oldest families in bourbon comes a very well made whiskey.  Single Barrel is the way to go when you can, and the reason for that is because you get a much more focused and expressive flavor than with these big round blends.
JEWEL OF RUSSIA RED BERRY:  My favorite warm weather cocktail vodka.  This stuff mixes well with anything you can think of.  Fun and refreshing!
NO. 209:  I love so many things about this gin, but what I probably love most of all is that no matter what I use it for, it works!
DENIZENS AGED WHITE RUM:  This rum makes the best white rum cocktails without breaking the bank.  It is a fixture in my bar.
ANCNOC 12:  I love this Scotch a lot.  I find it to be incredibly friendly, and despite the fact that it has the word smokey on the label, I didn’t taste any smoke.  It is round and tasty.
GLENGRANT 12:  This is another friendly value scotch.  Super easy drinking, priced to move, and a welcome addition to anyone’s cabinet or party.