April Showers Bring Liquor Power


FRIDAY WINE 4:00-6:00

TEUTONIC PINOT GRIS:  Stop drinking Chardonnay all of the time.  There are so many grapes out there!  Variety folks, variety.

MIRAVAL ROSE:  It is Rose season for certain.  The perfect wine for warm days.

CRISTOM PINOT NOIR: You know how much we love Oregon Pinot Noir here at Southern Spirits, we rarely go a week without one.

HALL CABERNET:  An excellent example of what Napa does best!

beau-bottles_southern-1_1SATURDAY DIXIE VODKA 2:00-5:00

Recently there has been a Tito’s tornado.  I am not sure why?  Dixie is less expensive, better quality, and locally made.  It is made from Corn like Tito’s, accept that they use non gmo corn.  If you think that doesn’t make a difference, go to Kentucky and look at the malt with the gmo corn and the one without.  Those chemicals they put on the corn get released, and then hopefully killed during distillation.  I am not a chemist but seeing that red gunk all over the mash just made me like Dixie even more.  The folks at Dixie think it is important and I think they are right.


FOUR ROSES SINGLE BARREL:  Straight from the source!  In my opinion this is one of the best bourbons on the market.

bo0107e1444-74_IM222173RITTENHOUSE RYE:  Such a great bargain!  Had this straight from the source as well.

COPPER AND KINGS:  This is excellent Brandy and will be coming to the store soon.  I am hoping to get our very own barrel!

WOODFORD DOUBLE OAKED:  Had this at Woodford with some delicious chocolate!  What a great pairing.

LOTS OF KENTUCKY AND ASHEVILLE BEERS THAT ARE NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE TO US BUT ARE IN FACT DELICIOUS!  I highly recommend hopping into your car and driving to Asheville for a beercation!

29741_hr-1NEW ARRIVALS:

CAPPELLETTI APERTIVO:  This was used in a fantastic cocktail at Top of the Monk, and I knew I had to have it in the store.  I bet this would work well in a Negroni.

STROMA:  The folks at Old Pulteney have made their own version of Drambuie and guess what?  It is wonderful!  I made a rusty nail with this and it just blew me away!

THE SINGLETON 12 YR:  It is back!  We have a new affordable single malt winner here.  There are no bells or whistles here, but what you are getting is a very well made 12 year old single malt.


We proudly welcome, what I would argue is the best blended Scotch on earth!  This guy hand selected his Scotch, then went and bought the best Sherry casks from Spain, and finally aged them in a cave, because why the &*^% not?!  I tried this Scotch 2.5 years ago on vacation in California and I have been trying to get it every day since then.  Well it has finally arrived!!!  I will DRINK-HERO-0068-ROOT-BEER-FLOAT-BROWN-COW-1024x512put this up against any Single Malt at its price point because it is that good.


While at Buffalo Trace we got to try this easy but tasty cocktail.
2 ounces of Buffalo Trace Cream
4 ounces of Root beer
Serve on the rocks, it is fantastic!