Southern Spirits Springtime Booze News!


FRIDAY WINE 4:00-6:00

LAVIGNONE ROSATO: Happy Easter, it is Rose season! Italy makes Rose too!

DOMAINE HOUCHART PROVENCE ROSE: Some regions are famous for a reason. Provence has earned its reputation for making some of the best Rose on earth!

BERNARD MACHADO PINOT NOIR: What is Easter without a rose and a pinot noir?! A lovely Oregon Pinot for your holiday needs.

CYPRUS PINOT NOIR: Russian River is another one of those famous regions that has earned its reputation. There are lot of excellent Pinot Noirs made there.

beau-bottles_southern-1_1SATURDAY DIXIE AND CHICKEN COCK 2:00-5:00

DIXIE VODKA: Somehow there are still some folks that have not tasted the wonderful Dixie vodka, and many more that have not had the Citrus yet!

CHICKEN COCK BOURBON AND CHICKEN COCK RYE: These two whiskeys are bottled in Charleston with whiskey sourced from both Indiana and Kentucky. These were originally brought in upon customer request, but we also always try to support local products when we can.


LACUESTA BLANCO: This Spanish vermouth is absolutely delicious! I mixed it with the Leopold Brothers gin and made an amazing Martini!! Then I had a glass of it on its own and enjoyed that too!

28726_hrPAVAN: I bought a bottle and took this fun liqueur for a spin. First, I tried some straight, too strong for that.   Next, I put it in red bull, that worked pretty well. Finally, I used it in my margarita instead of triple sec and BINGO! What a fantastic twist. Looking forward to playing with it again this weekend.

AVERY MAHARAJA: Another excellent beer from the folks at Avery. If you want a double IPA, that does not taste like a pine cone in a blender, you will enjoy this very much.

RIHAKU WANDERING POET: This wonderful sake is great every time I have it! This was my go to for a long time, but I try to rotate now, so it had been a while since I had it. A very tasty crowd pleaser that is not too dry or too sweet.

cr_cornerstone-01_1MOUNT EDEN CABERNET: When you see the words Mount Eden on a bottle of wine you are guaranteed quality. This Cabernet is a perfect example of why the grape dominates the U.S. market. A big full bodied red, that doesn’t over power, will be a great addition to almost any meal, but has plenty of flavor to stand alone. It is a must try. Wine maker and wife are also incredibly lovely people.


CROWN ROYAL NOBLE COLLECTION: This is round two from this series. The Cornerstone has come and gone and now we have a wine barrel aged crown, that is pretty tasty. It is very mellow with some nice wine notes on the end of it. Nothing can take the place of the Cask 16, but this is a worthwhile addition to the ever increasing library.

We have some fun stuff in the pipeline, including a tasty new gin, and some fantastic new scotches, stay tuned for details.

kentucky_mule_croppedRECIPE OF THE WEEK


Sometimes keeping it simple is the best thing to do. When I cook, I often try to do all of the small steps to make as tasty meal as possible, but when I make drinks, I use good ingredients and try to keep it simple.

2 oz of Bourbon (redemption, medley brothers, very old barton)

4 oz of ginger beer (fever tree, Blenheim, Q)

Splash of lemon juice or twist of lemon

If you want to go above and beyond you can add a splash of vanilla liqueur.