Keith’s Picks for March!

Keith’s Picks for March!

Redemption High Rye Bourbon – The best buy in bourbon! Love it.


1776 Bourbon: Welcome back old friend! We missed you very much. Another excellent bang for your buck bourbon. Full bodied and complex, I recommend grabbing one.


OLD MEDLEY 12YR: Rejoice Blanton’s lover because this one should be right up your alley. It has been consistently hard to get as well but recently we secured a large order of it, so for the time being it will be available.


Casa Dragones: One of the most respected tequilas in the world. The reason why is because it is probably the smoothest blanco you will ever try, but it also has some excellent flavor notes as well. This would make the perfect tequila gift.


Plymouth Gin: A classic gin that frequently falls under the radar. Makes a terrific martini but also makes a well above average gin and tonic.


Gran Duque D’Alba: This magnificent Spanish brandy doesn’t get the credit it richly deserves. Every time someone buys a VSOP cognac I just shake my head, because they should be getting this beauty instead. Pure velvet!


Deep Eddy Vodka: Austin’s “other vodka”. Ten times distilled, gluten free, great price, and great quality.


Professore Vermouth: This big vermouth is meant to be a challenger to the mighty Carpano Antica and for many of our regulars it has surpassed it.


Vizcaya Black: Hello!! This is one big happy, toasted marshmallow, smooth as all get out rum! Perfect for fans of Zaya before they ruined themselves.