Keith’s Picks For February!

1921 Tequila and Cream.  I am a big fan of these tequilas and the wonderful cream.  These tequilas are very well made, they are mild but not boring.  I am happy to have them in the store!
BRAULIO AMARO:  One of the most famous in the world, and an item that has been heavily requested.  I like this trend in booze, where we all discovering old spirits from around the world.
HINE VSOP:  One of the few famous items that I really adore.  Sometimes a product is known for all the best reasons.  Long, smooth, and quite delicate.
REDEMPTION BOURBON:  This was a favorite of mine back in my California days.  It makes a great Manhattan but can be had on its own.
REDEMPTION HIGH RYE BOURBON:  This was even better than I remembered!  I am super excited about this being here, and cannot wait to recommend to every one!
PLYMOUTH GIN:  An oldie but a goodie.  There was a long time where this was a my go to all purpose gin.  Now it is a very crowded field but sometimes the classics are fun to revisit, or taste for the first time.
SPRINGBANK 10:  One of the best ten year old scotches on the planet.  This was an important whisky in my development, and it has continued to impress throughout the years.  I love giving this scotch as a gift.