Muddy River Distillery Tasting and Cocktail Recipe!


FRIDAY WINE 4:00-6:00

I BASALTI SOAVE: This little Italian wine is a great alternative to Pinot Grigio. Light, dry, and crisp it is a good lunchtime wine.

GODEVAL GODELLO: This is Spain’s fastest growing white wine. It has some lovely mineral notes making it a perfect wine for seafood.

CHARLES KRUG CABERNET: Classic Napa Cabernet at an excellent price!

ROBERT FOLEY THE GRIFFIN: Bring on the beast! A big and bold red blend for people that like their wines to go up to eleven!


We welcome back the awesome folks from Muddy River! We love to support local anything but it is always helpful when that local product is outstanding! These guys make THE BEST spice rum, and THE BEST coconut rum, an aged rum that is perfect for whiskey drinkers, and an Amaretto that is much tastier than Di Sarronno! Open your mind about how you feel about rum and give these guys a chance to wow you! I was blown away after my first tasting and my opinion has not lessened a bit!


opnob.12yowwwCREOLE: Yes the cocktail recipe I suggested last week has landed on an every other day rotation at my home. Why? Because it is awesome!

OLD PULTNEY 12: I had a chance to revisit this outstanding and affordable scotch last night and was very impressed by its quality. I do not think there is a better buy at fifty bucks.

KUROSAWA SAKE: It is always a good time for Sake and this has remained one of my favorites. Light, clean, and crisp, it is both refreshing and tasty.

SACRED HEART IPA: I enjoyed the balance of earthiness and fruit in this well made IPA.

NOLETS GIN: With this early Spring I have had to adapt my drinking to match the weather and Gin has begun its triumphant return. What better way to start than with one of the best gin’s on earth!

linkwood-20-year-old-1995-signatoryNEW ARRIVALS

SIGNATORY LINKWOOD 21: The return of this gorgeous whiskey! I bought all of the remaining cases of this because it is fantastic from start to finish! Once again proving that Signatory is a company you can trust.

WILLETT: We got in a small shipment of Willet, it may fly, or it may go slowly, either way it is one of my favorites and I advise snagging one.

CASA DRAGONES: One of the last items off of my original list four years ago. There are many who feel that this is the best silver tequila in the world. While I still prefer my Fortaleza, there is certainly a case to be made for this amazing tequila.


4db452b6ce8adf37c19f523950318ecf59d00514THE HEMINGWAY

A classic cocktail that should be more popular. Tangy and refreshing, this makes a great afternoon work while you are taking a break from your great American novel.

2 oz of white rum (denizen, el dorado, plantation)

.25 ounces of maraschino liqueur (leopold brothers, luxardo)

.75 lime juice (nellies key lime)

.25 grapefruit juice

Shake and strain with ice filled cocktail shaker into a chilled glass.