Keith’s Picks for January!

NUESTRA MEZCAL:  I felt like it was time for another Mezcal, and I thought this was both unique and tasty.


MARIE DUFFAU ARMAGNAC: A very well made and well priced Armagnac that is superior to your big three of Remy, Courvoisier, and Hennessy!


CHATTANOOGA CASK STRENGTH:  Guess what folks, Bookers is more or less gone, so now it is time to look for a substitute.  This is a great alternative.


WOODY CREEK RYE:  This award winning rye from Colorado is youthful up front, but has a fantastic finish.


LEX VODKA:  A high end vodka from the Ukraine, is barrel aged for six months and then filtered.

EL DORADO LA CRÈME:  We finally have a rum cream!  I found it to be pretty tasty, and look forward to using it in some cocktails.


LEOPOLD BROTHERS ORANGE:  I really enjoyed this orange liqueur!  It starts sweet and then finishes bitter.  A wonderful experience from an excellent distillery.


LEOPOLD BROTHERS MARASCHINO: You don’t have to buy Luxardo anymore!  Now you can enjoy this very well made Maraschino liqueur instead.


KILKERRAN 12:  It is finally here!  The long awaited release of the flagship from the freshly re-opened Glengyle distillery in Campletown Scotland.