Southern Spirits Booze News and New Arrivals!


WINE FRIDAY 4:00-6:00

HUNKY DORY SAUVIGNON BLANC: A new New Zealand SB, that Martha is a big fan of, and it is made organically for those that care about that.

RUSTENBERG SAUVIGNON BLANC: South Africa makes lovely white wines that continue to fly under the radar.

DOGAJOLO: Buh-buh-buh—Super Tuscan! A movement that came about in the 1970’s that allowed Italians to make the kind of wine they wanted and not be forced to follow all of strict Italian wine laws. So while this wine is still primarily Sangiovese it is paired with Cabernet, which previously would not have been possible.

64b98b162e44a68ebcb12b699570f486BROCHELLE ZINFANDEL: Paso Robles, is home to some of the best red wines in California, but has not achieved the status level yet, which makes this the best time to drink them!

BEER FRIDAY 4:00-6:00

TSINGTAO – The most famous beer in China, sold in the U.S. This Saturday according to the Chinese calendar it is “the year of the cock”.

DOG TAG LAGER – This is a special release from PBR that a 100% of the proceeds go to gold star families. Support veterans and drink a beer.

KEITH’S CABINET: What Keith is drinking now.

FullSpectrumBrewingFULL SPECTRUM! I have been enjoying these beers a great deal. My best friend and I stopped by the brewery which is in Fort Mill, and we had an excellent time. We sell most of them here, and more will arrive. This is a top to bottom quality brewery!

EL DORADO 12: Hopefully more will be arriving today, because I hate turning you guys on to things and then not having them!

STRONACHIE 18: I thought I was out, but I found my bottle and it had two full pours in it! It was like winning the Scotch lottery! Man this stuff is great.

hine-rare-vsop-fine-champagne-cognac-1HINE VSOP: This was better than I remembered! It has some excellent floral notes, is quite racy, and smooth!

WOODEN ROBOT: WE DON’T CARRY THIS BEER! Get in your car, take an uber, ride a bicycle into Charlotte and check out this amazing brewery. They don’t retail yet, but they have half growlers that they put into cans!

j wray gold rum-500x500NEW ARRIVALS:

WRAY GOLD: This Jamaican rum has taken the place of Appleton gold. It is most likely the exact same juice.

PECAN PRALINE CO PACKS!: Get the pecan cream and the pecan liqueur in one package! These are quality products, that can enrich your coffee or be had on their very own.

SMOOTH AMBLER TEN!! We got a very small shipment of this lovely bourbon, no idea when or if it will ever come back. You can’t believe a word anyone says to you in this business.

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You can then float a splash of the pecan cream on top.