The Great Brew Debate- Cans or Bottles?

Beer has changed so much over the years with the birth of truly amazing crafts options and the incredible variety of beers on the market. Most beer enthusiasts insist that beer is nearly perfect when it is poured from a tap, but what about when you need to take it on the go or enjoy it at home? The argument about whether beer tastes better from a can or a bottle rages on and the opinions are strong on both sides.

When it comes to flavor, beer fans want to know they are getting the best. The vessel that the beer arrives in is typically a second thought compared to the taste, but does a can or bottle change the flavor of the beer? We would be eager to hear your thoughts on the matter.

If you are heading to the beach, the pool, the park or the lake, cans are a perfect traveling companion because they are lightweight and there is no need to carry a bottle opener. Just add a beer coozie and you are all set. There isn’t a worry about transporting cans either because you can’t break them. (Although no one wants to open one that has been jostled too much!)

It seems like bottle aficionados enjoy the way that the glass keeps the beer colder than a can. Most microbreweries opt to use bottles and restaurants and bars serve their beer in bottles (when it isn’t on tap) so there might be a certain attitude that bottles are better because of that. When it comes to the problem of needing an opener, most self-respecting beer enthusiasts keep one right on their key ring, but if you are ever in a pinch, try the tricks below.

No matter how you choose to enjoy your brew, remember to drink responsibility and get your beer from the best in the business at Southern Spirits.